Helpful Moving Hints

De-clutter ahead of time. If unwanted items are not going to the new home, these need to be removed prior to the packers coming.

Remember to put personal items aside and clearly mark them – do not pack them!

Reduce fridge contents and check with your removalist regarding freezer contents, as small freezers the contents can be left inside. With large freezer, put contents into boxes so they can be removed while the freezer is put in the truck, then the contents are put back in.

Garage – flammable items can be wrapped and packed by us but will need to be moved by client.

CHECKLIST FOR MAIL AND SERVICESMoving home or office? Choose from a range of professional packing services when you move home with Kerikeri Packing Services.

  • Post office for mail redirection
  • Personal telephone redirected
  • Doctor, dentist, health specialists
  • Accountant
  • Power, gas supplier
  • Solicitor
  • Bank, financial institutions, credit cards
  • School records
  • Superannuation
  • Insurance: home, contents, car, etc…
  • Clubs: sporting, social
  • Company suppliers
  • Church
  • Electoral authority
  • Motor registry, automobile associations, licenses
  • Subscriptions- memberships
  • Tax department
  • Health funds
  • Employers ; group certificates
  • Share companies
  • Vet
  • Pensions
  • Rental hire purchase companies.
  • Friends and relations.

The Benefits of using Moving U Services

  • Packing can be stressful, exhausting and time consuming, so let Moving U reduce these issues.
  • No downtime from work or family commitments.
  • Not living with boxes for weeks before the removal, and not being able to find things
  • We supply all the packing material and remove them after you relocate (subject to area)
  • A service designed for your requirements and budget.
  • No obligation free written quote.
  • No charge for change of date, 24 hours notice is required.
  • Friendly and experience staff.